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WW1. General warning of danger
WW2. Warning of fire hazard
WW3. Warning of explosion hazard
WW4. Warning of corrosive hazard
WW5. Warning of poisonous substance hazard
WW6. Warning of ionizing radiation hazard
WW7. Warning of electric shock hazard
WW8. Warning of suspended loads hazard
WW9. Waring of methane hazard
WW10. Warning of fragile surface
WW11. Warning of biological hazard
WW12. Warning of laser hazard
WW13. Warning of asbestos hazard
WW14. Warning of workers overhead
WW15. Warning of carbon dioxide hazard
WW16. Warning of slippery walking surface
WW17. Warning of moving machinery
WW18. Warning of cold burns
WW19. Beware of dogs
WW20. Beware of forklifts
WW21. Beware of material falling from moving converyor belts
WW22. Warning of slippery steps
WW23. Beware of hazard of exposed live high voltage equipment
WW24. Beware of swinging objects
WW25. Beware of confined gas
WW26. Beware of non-ionizing radiation
WW27. Beware of electro magnetic interference of heart pace maker
WW28. Beware of confined spaces

A symbolic safety sign consists of a geometric shape, a colour and a picture

An organised system of identifying industrial hazards by easily recognisable safety signs has been developed for South African conditions (for further details see SABS specification No. 1186)

Standard Sizes

A safety sign must be placed on square sheets of the appropriate material and one of the following sizes:
150 x 150mm ; 190 x 190mm; 290 x 290mm; 440 x 440mm.




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